The Legend


As one of the biggest music acts of the late ‘60s and ‘70s, Oogie entertained and moved millions across the world with his songs of love, hope, and promise for the future.

Then near the height of his popularity, Oogie stunned the world and left the stage, shunning the limelight and disappearing into private life. Never completely forgotten, he became a mystery, and over the decades has grown into a legend.

Now he's living a quiet life in the mountains of Colorado.

Vocals, Guitar / Oogie


The Last North American Tour

The last great tour of Oogie before he left the music scene behind. He preferred small, intimate venues to large arenas but made an occasional exception like his epic performance at Red Rocks in CO. 

Mar  3 Thu  The Upstairs Lounge   Boston, MA             SOLD OUT
Mar 10 Thu  Alto Music Theater    Middletown, NY         SOLD OUT
Mar 14 Mon  Pepper's Lounge       Chicago, IL            SOLD OUT
Mar 30 Wed  The Agora             Hartford, CT           SOLD OUT
Apr  8 Fri  The Palladium         New York, NY           SOLD OUT
Apr 13 Wed  The Troubadour        Los Angeles, CA        SOLD OUT
Jun  1 Wed  The Orpheum           Vancouver, BC          SOLD OUT
Jun  6 Mon  El Mocambo Club       Toronto, ON            SOLD OUT
Jul  4 Mon  Red Rocks             Red Rocks, CO          SOLD OUT
Jul 11 Mon  Warehouse Club        Pittsburgh, PA         SOLD OUT
Jul 19 Tue  The New Penelope      Montreal, QC           SOLD OUT
Jul 20 Wed  Diamond Ballroom      Oklahoma City, OK      SOLD OUT
Aug  1 Mon  Nine of Cups          Tulsa, OK              SOLD OUT
Aug 11 Thu  Beagle Pub            Victoria, BC           SOLD OUT
Aug 18 Thu  The Trauma            Philadelphia, PA       SOLD OUT
Aug 29 Mon  Winterland Ballroom   San Francisco, CA      SOLD OUT
Sep  3 Sat  Tulagi                Boulder, CO            SOLD OUT
Sep  5 Mon  Foster's              Mt. Pleasant, IA       SOLD OUT
Sep  7 Wed  El-Rocko Lounge       Savannah, GA           SOLD OUT
Sep 16 Fri  Meadowlands           E Rutherford, NJ       SOLD OUT
Oct  2 Sun  The Cameo             Miami, Fl              SOLD OUT
Oct  5 Wed  McHebe's Depot        Hempstead, NY          SOLD OUT
Oct  7 Fri  Jabberwocky           Syracuse, NY           SOLD OUT
Oct 25 Tue  Musictown             Somerset, MA           SOLD OUT
Nov 17 Thu  Jackson & Riggs       Newton, IA             SOLD OUT
Dec 17 Sat  Scotchie's            Montego Bay, JA        SOLD OUT



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