1940s- Oogie is born in Denver. As very young child, he lives next door to Joan Collins. Collins moved to Seattle in 1949 - preceding the grunge movement by almost forty years- but the pictures of the two icons bathing together as infants remain. 

2/2/59- Visiting his grandparents in Iowa, a young Oogie sees Buddy Holly’s last-ever show in Clear Lake. 

4/1/63- Oogie moves to New York and drops his last name, becoming one of the earliest mononymous artists (along with Donovan and Gigantor). When pressed on his name change, Oogie replies, “What other name do I need? I’m Oogie. Oogie says it all. Oogie is the Alpha and Omega. You dig? Seriously though, how long does it take to get a drink around here?”

1/2/65- January- Oogie’s first appearance on Shindig!, alongside Sam Cooke, to promote his first album, “Meet Oogie”.